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 Our EMERGENCY  service operates from 7am for those who have just arrived to a port and have problems.

Here at CarClear.ie, we offer a Customs Clearance Service that enables our clients to import vehicles and other Items  from the UK and  countries such as Japan into the Republic of Ireland, We provide the documetation  for immediate registration here (VRT). This service is available to both car dealerships and private buyers.
We are pleased to announce that we now clear most other Items  imported into Ireland from abroad

CarClear.ie will coordinate the authorization and licenses required by the HMRC in UK (export) and the Revenue Service’s in Ireland (Import) — so you won’t need to worry about the customs declarations in either jurisdiction.

Do check our Customs update section  for the most up-to-date happenings with Revenue &  Ports etc 

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Our Service

Here at CarClear.ie, we work exclusively on the import of motor vehicles from the UK and elsewhere in the world such as JAPAN

We provide a seamless car importation service using authorized systems that connect directly with Revenue.ie and  HMRC. When you partner with CarClear.ie, we take the time to fully understand your needs so that we can offer full Custom Clearance Services that are tailored to your needs.

Before you import

 Before importing cars from the UK and elsewhere outside of the EU, here are three steps you need to take. This is a once off setup to prepare your business for customs clearance. For private importer's please bear in mind that all duty & vat should  be paid prior to arrival 

Business customers intending to postpone VAT should have an  EROI number from Revenue.ie

1. Ensure your Transport Provider is fully up to date with the Revenue's PBN system as this is vital  in order to be allowed board a ferry to Ireland with commerical veichles

2. All clients must now have an EORI to import a veichle. This is a simple procedure 

Simply email ecustoms@revenue.ie with your name ,address and PPS number and they will return the email confiming your EORI status  

3. Ensure your supplier in the UK  understands that he can sell veichles VAT free to countries outside of the UK such as the Republic of Ireland 

Getting Started

 Importing cars from the UK in the normal course of events attract a duty rate of 10% however under certain circumstances this can be avoided . If  the car was manufactured in the UK and the exporter is prepared to give you a statement of origin to say so  and back it up with information on the make up cost wise of the veichle . Another way to avoid duty is claim to RGR (returned goods relief ) This is where you must show that the car had been in Europe in the previous three years and is now been returned to Europe in its same state . The rules here are very strict and you will need at the very minimum a MANUFACTURES REPORT to show the place and date  of manufacture to prove this, A COC cert is no longer acceptabe. This  scheme is generally used for cars less than three years old manufactured in the European Union .

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