A general Customs update from CarClear.ie

Customs and revenue have now settled into our new life with the UK now a third country for customs purposes 
Increasingly Customs are checking cars at ports and if the car is been imported and not coming here as part of someones  temporary travel plans , they will refuse to let it out of the port . Finding a  Customs agent out of hours is not easy . We try to operate from 7AM but we canot give any guranteees .
Therefore it is advised that you have your paperwork completed before boarding in the UK 
Any  cars coming  looking to avoid duty by claiming UK origin or seeking RGR staus  nearly at all times now get asked to produce a COC  cert and  even this might not always be acceptable as proof of manufacture . They  tend to look for proof of payment as well .
Vintage vehicles are also asked to produce proof of payment and clearance may also  be needed from the Dept of Ag or DAFIM  as it is called