Customs requirements for Japanese car imports & reduced duty rates

Before we can submit a declaration to customs we need the following information 

1/ Sales Invoice 
2/ Shipping Invoice
2/ International export Logbook
3/ Bill of Lading 
4/ PPS or EORI  number 

5/Proof of Payment

It has come to both ours and revenues notice that some exporters in Japan are offering to write down Invoices to make taxes etc cheaper, they are essentially giving you two invoices .
Customs are now checking that the Invoice matches the Proof of payment submitted and if the car is amazingly good value will demand bank statements for the previous month to ensure all is in order.
When your car does arrive to Ireland bear in mind that it can take up to a week for the customs officials to clear your car due to the large volumes at present coming in. 
We recommend you contact  Celtic Shipping or other shipping agents  well in advance about your impending arrival 

Reduced duty rate 

The duty for Japanese imports has now been further reduced to a rate of 2.5% .This rate applies to Japanese origin/made  vehicles and it must come accompanied with the following statement from the exporter . The statment below can be on an invoice or a seperate letter from the exporter /seller 

"The exporter of the products covered by this document declares that, except where otherwise clearly indicated these products are of Japan preferential origin"