Proof of Payment

As we all know cars have gotten more expensive over the last while , however there are still bargain's to be had. If you have managed to get the  bargain of the year Customs tend to take more of a notice . If it sounds like a good deal to you  It will also look like that to customs and they will want to know why !
That is why Customs can come back anytime up to three years after and during the import  process asking for information . Photographs of a damaged or non running vehicle are helpful but they are also increasingly demanding  proof of payment 
 You are entitled to pay for your goods in cash but you need to be able to show them where you got that cash 
The clever people in Revenue also can ask for a copy of your bank statements over previous months so if there is a transfer to the UK for example  of 10,000  and you say  that you have bought a car for 5,000 Customs  will ask what the other 5,000 was for . Similarly if there is a withdrawal from the bank of 10k in cash around the time you are buying a car . you need to be able to account for it .
The penalties for messing with customs are very severe and can lead to the confiscation of your vehicle, fines and jail