RGR & UK origin vehicles update November 23

As part of the EU & UK agrement , It was agreed that both European & UK orign product should move freely between both countries and in the case of European product in the UK  this could be returned freely to the EU within three years of export to the UK 

 The reality  is not the case especially in relation to the movement of second hand motors . 

Revenue here demand that in the event of the export SAD not been available  you must receive a report from the manufacture to say when and where the particular Auto was made . They will not accept the standard COC cert produced by the manufacture as proof and no amount of evidence produced by you from the Internet will be accepted . The only proof they will accept is a letter /  report from the manufacture giving the VIN number and place and date  where it was produced 
This is not available from most manufactures so a duty of 10% must be paid but can be claimed back within three years if proof becomes available to you