Vintage cars and two different VAT rates

There has been some confusion out there regards to VAT on vintage cars with some claiming that cars can be imported on a lower VAT rate of 13.5 percent . This my friends can only be done in exceptional circumstances. To qualify cars would have to be imported not for use but for collector's pieces and display only .
They also would have to meet strict criteria and would have to have significant historical value for example you would get away with it if it was the car that JFK  got shot in or used in some other historical context  but remember this can not  be driven or VRT'd for normal use .
The normal run of vintage cars are charged  at the standard 23% rate and while you might get one through on 13.5%  always remember revenue have three years to check up on it and the penalties  and interest charges for using the wrong VAT rate  on an item  are severe