Vintage Cars Imported to Ireland

The importation of vintage cars to Ireland from abroad especially the UK  has been hugely popular in Ireland . Over the last two years  we have helped people bring in hundreds  Unlike younger cars one of the advantages of declaring them as vintage (30 years + ) is they attract zero duty and a very low VRT charge.
The VAT rate on vintage is the standard 23% unless it has a specific historical value and is not been driven on the roads here .
If it has and is been kept as a collectors piece the rate is 13.5 %.
Claiming the 13.5% rate incorectly can lead to huge fines and confiscation of the item !!!

Generally the V5 registration book is accepted as age , however you will also be asked to provide proof of payment between you and the seller
When  declaring a vintage  item, it has also  to be declared to DAFM which is the veterinary section of  Dept of Agriculture. This is a simple  enough process and is done in conjunction with your customs declaration  
For those post declaring ( cars that have arrived ) cars we need the following 
1/ invocie 2/ V5  3/ photos of interior,exterior & engine  4/ proof of payment 5/ shipping details
and finally your PPS  number  

It should be pointed out that you can be stopped and the car seized if customs formalities have not been completed prior to arrival on any import here from outside the EU so better to have it all done beforehand  if possiable